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Miracle Åben Verden and other presentation news

I have several presentations coming up, but due to a dramatic set of circumstances in Denmark, I will be posting about them in reverse order. Miracle OpenWorld has been renamed due to possible 'mark' infringements on the term 'OpenWorld'.

Therefore, I am pleased to announce that I will be giving a presentation on 'Measuring for Robust Performance' in April at Miracle Åben Verden!

You can hear all about the conference from Anette and Mogens, plus you can see the very official looking message from Oracle.

.... although when lawyers skip the word 'trade' and refer to a 'mark', I wonder if they really believe their client has a claim to the term. Highly questionable :)

I will also be presenting at the following conferences, continuing on the reverse order theme:

February 23rd - 24th

February 16th - 17th

February 11th

The locations are geographically diverse so I am staying with the same presentation subject, but I'll change things up a bit just in case anyone does decide to attend more than one showing. I suppose I could offer repeat attendees a beer for each prior version they've witnessed just to ensure they're happy with their choice to attend again.

I'd offer the NoCOUG attendees a beer for each showing they planned to attend, but I'd have to take some kind of collateral on that deal.

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