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ILO Elapsed Time module available

For anyone who is interested in recording the process and cpu elapsed via instrumentation, I have made the elapsed time collection module I'm currently using available at the Expert Oracle Practices: Database Administration from the Oak Table source code download site.

The first step is to download the Instrumentation Library for Oracle (ILO) version 2.3 from SourceForge.

Next, install ILO per the instructions provided in the package.

Then download the Elapsed Time module and install it on top of version 2.3. This will upgrade some of the procedures to version 2.4 and create the elapsed time table.

You will need to instrument the code you want to track and the best way to do that will depend on the kinds of processes you want to record and how they are executed. There is an example on the Method-R ILO page but questions are welcome, as are examples of how you decided to approach adding and utilizing instrumentation.

Method-R has kindly added me to the development team for ILO, so I will be incorporating the ET module into the SourceForge download soon. I will also be adding a table to store the configuration values that determine which processes should be traced or timed or both. I've got a bit of code that works, but since coding isn't my strong suit, I need to research and see if it can be done a little better before releasing into the wild.

I strongly encourage you to instrument at least the critical processes in your system. The elapsed time data is incredibly useful, yet requires minimal storage in the database. I've retained some timing fields that aren't strictly needed in the retained data because I'm still experimenting with the the info, but the extra fields could be removed from the elapsed time table and commented out of insert statement if you want the table to be even smaller.

I hope this addition to the ILO package useful, and please send/post questions and usage stories to share with the Oracle community.

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